Integration of a High Voltage Shore Connection System

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Award of contract for the Integration of a High Voltage Shore Connection System\ Shell door delivery for the AIDAnova\
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Integration of a High Voltage Shore Connection System - Award of contract for the Integration of a High Voltage Shore Connection System\
Shell door delivery for the AIDAnova\
This contract is only for the design and delivery of the new shell door for the shore connection installation on board of AIDAnova.\
The scope of work of this contract contains the design, production, delivery of the shell door, design and construction of one\
electrical control cabinet for the door opening and cleating operation and its implementation into the door control and supervision\
system. The physical installation into the ship´s hull is excluded.\
The design must be carried out according following Standards:\
- Rina Class Rules\
Further details on the provision of services are governed by the procedural documents (see in particular Annex 1 service description\
and Annex 2 product and service supply agreement).\
Bezeichnung Northern Germany\
Ergänzende / Abweichende Angaben\
zum Haupterfüllungsort\
The performance must be carried out on a sea-going cruise ship during normal\
operations in port and while at sea.\
nicht zugelassen
Etwaige zusätzliche Angaben über die Maßnahmen zum Schutz der\
Vertraulichkeit und der Zugriffsmöglichkeit auf die Vergabeunterlagen.\
1) Notes on data protection in the procedure\
The contracting party conducts an award procedure in the sub-threshold range. In the context of awarding the services that are the\
subject of the procedure, it processes personal data in accordance with the provisions of data protection law that are transmitted\
to the contracting party by the bidders in the course of their participation in the procedure. Against this background, the contracting\
party informs about the following:\
- Name and contact details of the data controller:\
Bernhard, Freund: [email protected]\
- Contact details of the data protection officer:\
Bernhard, Freund: [email protected]\
- Purposes for which the personal data are to be processed and legal basis for the processing: Personal data are processed by\
the contracting party solely for the purpose of carrying out the award procedure on the basis of Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. c, lit. e\
- Disclosure of personal data: All personal data processed in the course of the implementation of the award procedure will only be\
disclosed if the transfer is permitted by law or if consent to the transfer has been given.\
- Retention and deletion: Proof of suitability, tenders, etc., as well as the associated documentation of the award procedure shall be\
retained until the end of the term of a contract. The documents of suitability, tenders, etc., as well as the associated documentation\
of the award procedure shall be retained until the end of the term of a contract, but at least for three years from the date of the\
award of the contract. Deviating retention periods in legal and administrative regulations remain unaffected. The documents will\
then be destroyed or deleted.\
- Data subject rights: Every data subject has various rights in relation to the processing of his or her personal data upon request,\
in particular the right of access to the processing (Art. 15 GDPR), the right to rectify inaccurate data (Art. 16 GDPR), the right to\
erasure of data no longer needed (Art. 17 GDPR), the right to restriction of processing (Art. 18 GDPR). Every data subject has\
the right to object at any time, on grounds relating to his or her particular situation, to the processing of his or her personal data\
carried out on the basis of Art. 6(1), first sentence, letter e GDPR (Art. 21(1) GDPR). In addition, there is a right of appeal to the\
data protection supervisory authorities pursuant to Art. 77 GDPR.\
- The supervisory authority responsible for the principal is:\
The Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information\
- Information on these rights can also be obtained from the above-mentioned data protection officer.\
2) Confidentiality and disclosure to the sponsor\
The procedural documents and other documents made available to the tenderers may only be used for the preparation of the tender\
and for the fulfilment of the possible contract. Any use or disclosure - even in part - for other purposes is prohibited. All confidential\
information that comes to the knowledge of the tenderers must be kept confidential - even after the end of the tendering phase. The\
tenderer must oblige its own employees and, if applicable, other employees involved in the preparation of the tender to do so in\
The bidder designated for the award of the contract expressly agrees that the bidding documents submitted by it may be passed on\
to the funding agency and the agencies appointed by it to process the funding contract.\
Zusätzliche Angaben\
1) COSTA receives funding from the Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and\
Transport, located at Invalidenstraße 44, 10155 Berlin, which is represented by the Federal Agency for Administrative Services,\
located at Schlossplatz 9, 26603 Aurich (grantor) under grant number 45 BT008001 for the installation of a shore power system on\
both sides on board the cruise ship AIDAnova.\
The funding project is summarised as follows:\
The AIDAnova will begin voyages from German ports offering shore power supply in the coming 2023 summer season. To make\
use of the facility, the AIDAnova is to be equipped with a shore power system on both sides of the ship. On the starboard side, there\
is already a prepared room and a shell door. In order to make shore power usable in Hamburg and Kiel, among other places, a\
further room is to be created on the port side with a new shell door. Two HVSC switchboards must be installed and wired. A section\
for the shore power system has to be added to the main switchboard. In addition, an adaptation of the ship's automation and power\
management system has to be made.\
The provisions underlying the grant obligate COSTA to conduct the present award procedure on the basis of the Sub-Threshold\
Award Regulation (Unterschwellenvergabeordnung - UVgO) (with the exception of Section 22, 28 (1) sentence 3, 30, 38(2) to (4),\
44 and 46 UVgO).\
The services subject to this procedure shall be awarded in a public invitation to tender pursuant to Section 8 (1) in conjunction with\
Section 9 UVgO without application of Sections 22, 28 (1) sentence 3, 30, 38 (2) to (4), 44 and 46 UVgO and in accordance with the\
general provisions on the procedure (see download area for the procurement documents).\
2) A ship visit can be carried out preferable in any port within the Itinerary (see Annex 3 Itinerary), preferred Las Palmas, Gran\
Canaria or Santa Cruz de Tenerife.\
Flight and travel costs for survey purpose cannot be charged to the contracting party.\
If the bidder wishes to make use of the possibility of an inspection appointment, it must arrange this in advance with Mr Tim\
Wolfram by telephone on +49 (0) 152 29897924 or by e-mail to [email protected].\
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2/23: Award of contract for the Integration of a High Voltage Shore Connection System\
Shell door delivery for the AIDAnova\
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3) The bidders must ensure that the procedural and contractual documents are complete immediately after receipt (download). If,\
in the opinion of a bidder, there are ambiguities, doubts or contradictions in the documents, these must be communicated to the\
contracting party immediately in the form of a bidder's question.\
Questions regarding the tender must be submitted in English only via the award portal used.\
All questions will be answered via the award portal (bidder communication). In this respect, it is pointed out that the bidders must\
inform themselves independently about the current status of the selection procedure by regularly consulting the award portal. Information\
by e-mail is technically only possible if the bidder registers on the award portal with an e-mail address.\
No information on the status of the selection procedure will be given by telephone or in writing.\
4) The contracting party will not reimburse any costs for participation in the procedure, in particular for the preparation of tenders.\
The same shall apply to any participation in an inspection date.\
5) A European self-declaration in accordance with § 50 UVgO does not meet the requirements set out below and will therefore not\
be accepted.\
6) Conditions for the order\
a) Communication\
All communication with the tenderer and the technical staff employed by it to perform the contract shall be in English. The\
representatives of the tenderer and the technical staff employed by it for the performance of the contract must therefore be fluent in\
written and spoken English.\
b) Identity documents and permits\
The technical personnel employed by the tenderer to perform the contract must have the necessary valid identification documents,\
visas, permits, etc. to be allowed to perform the contract during the operation of the cruise ship on the high seas.\
c) Credit check\
For the performance of the credit check of the bidder designated for the award of the contract, reference is made to Clause 5.5 of\
the product and service agreement (Annex 2).