US destination campaign Berlin (Spring 2022)

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US destination campaign Berlin (Spring 2022)
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US destination campaign Berlin (Spring 2022) - visitBerlin - US destination campaign Berlin (Spring 2022): US\
destination campaign Berlin (Spring 2022\
Description of Service - Airline destination campaign Berlin (Spring 2022)\
Now that the EU domestic travel market is slowly recovering after the Corona pandemic and business travel has gradually returned\
to normal, tourism players such as tour operators and airlines are also steadily increasing their capacities. This development can\
also be observed in the long-haul markets, including the American markets, which are strategically important for Berlin.\
United Airlines has announced two new nonstop flights from the U.S. to Germany. According to the announcement, the U.S. airline\
will start new daily flights from Washington, DC to Berlin on May 7. In addition, the airline will also resume flights between Berlin\
and New York/Newark on March 5.\
The main focus of the US destination campaign is to increase awareness of Berlin Germany as travel destination by taking\
advantage of the upcoming nonstop flight connections from Washington and Newark. The campaign aims at connecting with target\
audience to spark interest in the German capital city Berlin through a mix of online and media activities like targeted Emailings,\
Advertorials, advertisements in Inflight magazines etc.\
For the service to be commissioned, an agency with strong ties to relevant U.S. airlines is being sought to implement a campaign\
for Berlin. This can include joint multimedia measures, special newsletters to high-potential target groups and also complementary\
B2B and media activities. The campaign will be implemented primarily in the first quarter of 2022.\
The campaign budget amounts to a maximum of EUR 200,000 net.\
I Objectives\
- Creating awareness for Berlin as a travel destination\
- Triggering travel decisions and bookings of Berlin-specific travel products for spring 2022\
- Rollout of the campaign nationwide in the US, promoting nonstop flight connections to Berlin among relevant/potential target\
I Campaign period\
The destination campaign is to be played out in January and February 2022.\
I Aptitude criteria\
For the suitability of the bidder we assume that there is experience in the implementation of flight/airline campaigns. Therefore\
request at least three reference campaigns from the past 6 years (the date of the announcement of this award procedure is\
decisive) advertising international flight connections from the USA to Germany. All campaigns were focused on the US market triggering travel decisions for Germany. All of the references reached a minimum reach of 1 million impressions. The references\
shall be named in the Template Self Declarations.\
Bidders who do not meet this suitability requirement will be excluded from the award procedure and the bid evaluation process.\
I Requirements for the destination campaign and the offer\
The expected impressions for Berlin during the campaing are relevant for the selection of the offer. These expected values are to be\
named in the offer based on the media strategy.\
The advertising messages are linked to the non-stop connections offered from the USA to Berlin.\
The mix of measures offered to promote Berlin as a travel destination in spring 2022 should be well balanced, offering a maximum\
of visibility and conversion of travel decisions at the same time. The various communication channels should be included and\
attention needs to be paid to the above-mentioned objectives. The offer therefore includes a detailed media strategy describing the\
individual activities for the USA and analysis of relevant target groups.\
The bidder will create all media/advertising content for the campaign (brief & approval via visitBerlin).\
I Reporting\
After completion of the campaign, the bidder provides a detailed conversion report with relevant key figures\
- Ad Impressions\
- Clicks & CTR\
- Ad Spend\
- Including Screenshots/Layouts/photos of the released ads and activities during the campaign\
I Content of the offer\
Please attach the template "Self Declarations" to the offer.\
Please attach as well a detailed campaign concept. In particular, please address in the concept the topics mentioned in the quality\
evaluation matrix (Appendix D2).
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