Wirtschaftshilfe an das Ausland

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Wirtschaftshilfe an das Ausland
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Wirtschaftshilfe an das Ausland.
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Deutschland-Eschborn: Wirtschaftshilfe an das Ausland - 81240963-Global Energy Transformation Programme (GET.transform) — Decentralised Renewable Energy for Rural Areas

CPV-Code Hauptteil
Kurze Beschreibung:
GET.transform is a European program aiming at supporting public stakeholders at the regional and national level in their energy transitions necessary to achieve global climate goals and sustainable development goals.
GET.transform draws on the experiences of its predecessor, strategic energy advisory and dialogue services, while further streamlining its advisory portfolio and extending its services globally.
The services of GET.transform are focused on key transformational topics, including:
— integrated energy planning and related grid integration of renewable energy, and
— decentralised energy solutions.
GET.transform is hosted on the European multi-donor platform GET.pro and implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. It is currently funded by Germany, Sweden, and Austria.
Beschreibung der Beschaffung:
The objective of the assignment is to strengthen capacities in decentralised renewable energy solutions of regional and national partners, with an initial focus on the Sub-Saharan Africa region but with the capability to support additional projects in Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean. The assignment requires delivery of GET.transform activities and may include demand-based requests for service from other programmes of GET.transform contributors.
To this end, this tender entails the following work packages that will be delivered in the context of the GET.transform programme:
— rural electrification planning and data management: support a systematic, least-cost and demand-driven approach to determine the most suitable electrification option, i.e. whether investments in grid extensions or decentralised solutions are the most effective option in a given context,
— mini-grids: unlock the potential for the uptake of the mini-grid market at a large scale including the enhancement of policy, institutional and regulatory frameworks, the identification and support of viable business models, the elaboration of suitable management systems in line with national regulatory frameworks as well as the sustainability of the systems,
— standalone systems: support the market in overcoming financial, technical, regulatory and policy barriers to realise the potential of standalone systems as a means of electrification alongside mini-grids and on-grid,
— systematic planning for productive use of electricity: support to partners with customized business support for rural micro, small and medium enterprises across all value chains to finance business growth through acquisition of productive assets, and to develop the skill sets of entrepreneurs in the context of village electrification,
— impact evaluations including baseline studies: analysis of the overall impact of mini-grids, stand-alone productive use projects, alongside progress on programme implementation,
— additional work packages: due to the nature of GET.transform as a highly modular platform, intentionally designed for scaling up, it is possible that this may lead to an increase of the budget by multiples of the initial volume of the contract due to expansion of budget for core GET.transform activities, amendments to core services, requests for support from other programmes, or extension of the GET.transform programme.
In terms of estimated resource allocation, this includes (up to):
— a total of approx. 1 800 expert days, delivered through individual experts and expert pools,
— 210 000 EUR for travel,
— 20 000 EUR for subcontractors,
— 20 000 EUR for flexible remuneration, and
— 20 000 EUR for workshops.
The ToR include several special agreements that outline the potential for amendments and scaling-up of the assignment as additional funding becomes available, additional partner programmes request service from the expert pools, or potentially further requirements arise from GET.transform contributors.
NUTS-Code: 00
Hauptort der Ausführung:
00000 Super-Regional.
Verfahren & Unterlagen
Öffentliche Ausschreibung
Dienstleistungsauftrag (VOL/VOF)
Referenznummer der Bekanntmachung: 81240963
Bekanntmachungs-ID: CXTRYY6YYVL
Termine & Fristen
Angabe zur Beschränkung der Zahl der Bewerber, die zur Angebotsabgabe bzw. Teilnahme aufgefordert werden
Geplante Mindestzahl: 3
Höchstzahl: 5
Objektive Kriterien für die Auswahl der begrenzten Zahl von Bewerbern:
The assignment will only be entrusted to companies with the required expertise and capacity (eligible companies), which meet the criteria listed in the document ‘Request to participate and eligibility declaration by applicants (call for competition)’, and which are not excluded under the terms of Sections 123 or 124 of the German Act against Restraints of Competition (GWB), or who can prove restoration of their integrity in line with Section 125 of the same act.
If there is a previously announced limit to the number of applicants, an assessment will be carried out according to the relevant evaluation scale included in the tender documents.
Schlusstermin für den Eingang der Angebote oder Teilnahmeanträge
Tag: 26.07.2019
Ortszeit: 12:00
Voraussichtlicher Tag der Absendung der Aufforderungen zur Angebotsabgabe bzw. zur Teilnahme an ausgewählte Bewerber
Tag: 08.08.2019
Laufzeit des Vertrags, der Rahmenvereinbarung, des dynamischen Beschaffungssystems oder der Konzession
Laufzeit in Monaten: 22
Dieser Auftrag kann verlängert werden: ja
Beschreibung der Verlängerungen:
GIZ may optionally commission contract amendments and/or increases based on the criteria in the tender documents to the successful bidder of this tender. For details, please see the terms of reference.
Bedingungen & Nachweise
Sprache(n), in der (denen) Angebote oder Teilnahmeanträge eingereicht werden können
Die nachstehenden Kriterien
Der Preis ist nicht das einzige Zuschlagskriterium; alle Kriterien sind nur in den Beschaffungsunterlagen aufgeführt
Geforderte Nachweise:
III.1.1) Befähigung zur Berufsausübung einschließlich Auflagen hinsichtlich der Eintragung in einem Berufs- oder Handelsregister
Auflistung und kurze Beschreibung der Bedingungen:
1) Trading name and address, commercial register number;
2) Eligibility declaration that no grounds for exclusion in Section 123, 124 of the German Act Against Restraints of Competition (GWB) apply;
3) Eligibility declaration subcontractors if applicable;
4) Association clause if applicable.
III.1.2) Wirtschaftliche und finanzielle Leistungsfähigkeit
Auflistung und kurze Beschreibung der Eignungskriterien:
1) Declaration on the average annual turnover for the last 3 financial years (last-but-4 financial year can be included in case of invitation to tender held within 6 months of end of last financial year);
2) Declaration on the number of employees as at 31.12 of the previous year.
Möglicherweise geforderte Mindeststandards:
1) Average annual turnover for the last 3 years at least 2 000 000,00 EUR;
2) Number of employees as at 31.12 of the previous year at least 10 persons.
III.1.3) Technische und berufliche Leistungsfähigkeit
Auflistung und kurze Beschreibung der Eignungskriterien:
It is necessary to provide references in the technical field ‘area of decentralized rural electrification and planning’ with a minimum commission value of 100 000,00 EUR.
Möglicherweise geforderte Mindeststandards:
1) At least 5 reference projects in the technical field ‘area of decentralized rural electrification and planning’ and at least 2 reference projects in the region Europe in the last 3 years.
2) The technical assessment is only based on reference projects with a minimum commission value of 100 000,00 EUR.
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Angaben zu Mitteln der Europäischen Union
Der Auftrag steht in Verbindung mit einem Vorhaben und/oder Programm, das aus Mitteln der EU finanziert wird: ja
Projektnummer oder -referenz: ENERGY/2018/399-705
Angaben zu Optionen
Optionen: ja
Beschreibung der Optionen:
GIZ may optionally commission contract amendments and/or increases based on the criteria in the tender documents to the successful bidder of this tender. For details, please see the terms of reference.
Zuständige Stelle für Rechtsbehelfs-/Nachprüfungsverfahren
Die Vergabekammern des Bundes
Villemombler Straße 76
Telefon: +49 2289499-0
E-Mail: [email protected]
Fax: +49 2289499-163
Internet-Adresse: http://www.bundeskartellamt.de
Einlegung von Rechtsbehelfen
Genaue Angaben zu den Fristen für die Einlegung von Rechtsbehelfen:
According to Article 160, Section 3 of the German Act Against Restraint of Competition (GWB), application for review is not permissible insofar as:
1) The applicant has identified the claimed infringement of the procurement rules before submitting the application for review and has not submitted a complaint to the Contracting Authority within a period of 10 calendar days; the expiry of the period pursuant to Article 134, Section 2 remains unaffected;
2) Complaints of infringements of procurement rules that are evident in the tender notice are not submitted to the Contracting Authority at the latest by the expiry of the deadline for the application or by the deadline for the submission of bids, specified in the tender notice;
3) Complaints of infringements of procurement rules that first become evident in the tender documents are not submitted to the Contracting Authority at the latest by the expiry of the deadline for application or by the deadline for the submission of bids;
4) More than 15 calendar days have expired since receipt of notification from the Contracting Authority that it is unwilling to redress the complaint.
Sentence 1 does not apply in the case of an application to determine the invalidity of the contract in accordance with Article 135, Section 1 (2). Article 134, Section 1, Sentence 2 remains unaffected.
Tag der Absendung dieser Bekanntmachung
Tag: 20.06.2019
Angaben zum Beschaffungsübereinkommen (GPA)
Der Auftrag fällt unter das Beschaffungsübereinkommen: ja
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Der öffentliche Auftraggeber behält sich das Recht vor, den Auftrag auf der Grundlage der ursprünglichen Angebote zu vergeben, ohne Verhandlungen durchzuführen